November 22nd 2017
Satisfy your own aesthetic standards – Gerd Rothmann

Unconventional jewellery is becoming a contemporary art form, since many galleries are promoting jewels (and design) at famous art shows, like Art Miami. After the existential question: “What can I develop from my craft that can satisfy my aesthetic standards?” the artist developed casts and repoussage (metal shaped by hammering from the reverse side) pieces that bear prints of body parts of his friends and clients; it has become his trademark since the 70’s, and he is still going strong. Left: From him to her Right: Mit der Hand umschlungen Exhibition Art Miami, Dec 5-10, 2017 Buy Ornamentum Gallery Jewelry Gerd Rothmann

November 13th 2017
My apprenticeship with Philip Sajet

This month I’m at Latour-de-France to learn from one of the best contemporary jewelry designers: Philip Sajet, bananas! According to jewelry historian and publicist Marjan Unger: “If you want to relate well to his work, you must be constantly on your guard.” It’s quite a journey…for 2 weeks now I’ve made countless little golden and silver eyelets, soldered for hours, and listened to Philip’s stories about his work and other deep thoughts and believes. Necklace  Spirale (embossed silver, gold) Buy Ornamentum Gallery 

November 13th 2017
Hear hear… Khatia!

She’s got it all, look at that face! Pianist Khatia Buniatishvili Photo Jean- Baptiste Mondino

November 3rd 2017
Silver graffiti

Silver broche with two sapphires inspired by an American road sign.


October 30th 2017
Hamilton’s *BLING*

Fresh F1 world champion Lewis Hamilton (named after American sprinter Carl Lewis) likes to show his personality via crazy pieces of bling. With a miniature of an Andy Warhol painting of the Mercedes 300SL, huge colorless Cartier diamond studs of exceptional clarity, and a couple of diamond Cartier love bracelets at $40,100 each. I augur men will start wearing jewelry in the near future, since they don’t need their watches any longer.

October 26th 2017
One or two lines only

Love this simple work. This artist just received a big grant for experimenting with paint in India. Price € 700-1.400 Art Thomas Trum

October 25th 2017
Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value

Sweet quote, but not for the young. Since I’m older I feel the peace to work for a long time and just by myself, on very delicate pieces of gold. Quote: ‘Stilles bescheidenes Leben gibt mehr Glück als erfolgreiches Streben, verbunden mit beständiger Unruhe.’ = ‘A quiet and modest life brings more joy than a pursuit of success, bound with constant unrest.’ – Albert Einstein

October 25th 2017
Rugs – Milton Glaser

Long long time ago, it was in the year of 1984, I did my first apprenticeship with Milton Glaser in New York City; what a party! October 25-29, Milton shows his carpet designs for Lapchia. The rugs are handmade in Tibetan wool and Indian Matka silk. Exhibition Carl Solway Gallery


October 24th 2017
Chandeliers for stylist Michele Obama

Last week Michele Obama’s stylist Meredith Koop was in Holland to give some workshops. I bumped in to this picture of hers with those fantastic handmade blue oxidized brass earrings. The best matte patina to get this effect on brass (messing) is Powder Blue by Sculpt Nouveau (quite tough to import though). Price $242 Jewelry Annie Costello Brown

October 24th 2017
Only God is perfect – Smiley Miet

Just before this piece was finished, I’ve added an asymmetrical golden eyelet in the black chain for an imperfect touch. The big golden loops give the chain 3 different lengths. Materials 14k & 18k gold, 1st grade Blitz silver, black pearls

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