July 1st 2016
Walking over water with Christº


Christo invites us to walk over the most beautiful lake I know. I just háve to see this dahlia-yellow walkway with my own eyes: tomorrow I’ll be there :)) Christo (81): “I don’t like anything about computers, young people today on their flat screens, it’s all virtual; nothing is real. All our projects involve real things – real wind, real sun, real wet, real danger, real drama. This will never take place again. That’s why it’s so exciting.” I hope to get a little piece of fabric from the installation since the project is closing this Sunday. Location Sulzano, Italy Open until July 3, 2016 Follow Webcam (sun is shining!) Art The Floating Piers by Christo and Jeanne- Claude

June 21st 2016
Worlds within worlds within worlds


This is a kind of smart art, with many strong visual metaphors like the clashing religions on the table. This Nigerian artist combines the happy marriage with her white husband with some serious political problems; day-to-day comfy life, and brutal Nigerian dictators – very personal and very global. All these complicated figurative stories are drawn from memory, using acetone-transfers of small photographic images, acrylic, and commemorative fabric. Art Njideka Akunyili Crosby



June 8th 2016
Me smiling at you


For my first medaillon I melted some forgotten 14 karat gold earrings (eyes) and used a small left-over piece of gold chain, made a tiny toggle clasp, and got the wee rings soldered (still swiping the sweat of my forehead :)

June 8th 2016
It’s all about the power to create little treasures in life


“Working is about having fun, and doing what oneself wants to do, for no other reason than for doing it.” says this Dutch designer, who makes one piece a week only. Such a lucky strike, 50 pieces a year and that’s it; I might steal this wisdom from Philip Sajet

June 8th 2016
Gold from the cosmos, pearls from the sea


I just discovered scientists are trying to prove that gold and other precious metals ánd stones, come from meteorites, I hadn’t a clue! So gold is from space and delicate pearls come from irritated oysters. Since 2000 all her architectural transitional work bears the same title: ‘Beautiful city’. Jewelry Annelies Planteijdt

May 27th 2016
Sketching in silver


Silver ‘drawing’ made from first grade silver with a black diamond and blue sapphires. The initial drawing was made by sketching in ink without a glimpse at the paper. The sketch in silver is soldered with 15 separate pieces of silver.

May 23rd 2016
A power to enrich perception – Markus Raetz


At 75, he still explores the frontiers between dream and reality and keeps the viewer close to his thoughts. I prefer the simplest of his works. Art Markus Raetz (click to see video with two awesome sculptures)

May 21st 2016
You were once wild here. Don’t let them tame you – Isadora Duncan


Amsterdam-based Rob Koudijs Gallery is specialized in contemporary jewellery. I bumped into some pieces by this artist, all make you :)) Jewelry Felieke van der Geest

April 28th 2016
A great way to do good: buy a Richter!


Finally everyone can buy a Richter, for he started to produce chromigraphic colour prints of his work. It’s a steep price for a small poster mounted on aluminium plate, but…the entire amount will be donated via the Korff foundation by providing assistance to self-help, to children in need or single destitute mothers with children. All administrative costs are carried by Mr. von Korff, so every donation in full extent can serve the good purpose. Left ‘Ifrit, facsimile object’, Size 33 x 44 cm Edition 500 (not signed) Prize € 5.500. Right ‘Bagdad II’, Size 40 x 50 cm Edition 500 (not signed) Prize € 5.900 Gallery Korff-Stiftung

April 22nd 2016
Enlightened reality – Gerhard Richter


The last two years Richter picked up the overpainting of small photographs. These are some of his latest revamps (2015). Size 12.6 x 16.7 cm Art Gerhard Richter

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