February 16th 2017
Cantos: The Rings of Heaven and Hell – Anne Fischer

Here are some meticulously carved pieces of art I wish I’d made. Handcut in wax, using the lost-wax process, and cast in 18k gold and/or silver. The rings are part of a series of 67 works inspired by Dante’s poem ‘The Divine Comedy’. Blind Dante and his guide Virgil cross landscapes during a pilgrimage. Every meeting is necessary to get the poet from Hell to Paradise. Each canto evolves from the previous canto and gives rise to the subsequent cantos. Each ring has been made from re-working the previous ring. Art Anne Fischer Buy R & Co 

February 16th 2017
Hello take me I’m yours

The first forged brass pin I did. Forging is hammering metal into shape. I’ve added in one millimeter type ‘Hello, take me I’m yours’. A fibula was very fashionable in Roman times to close people’s stola. The oldest fibulae are from 800 B.C.

Test model for school.

February 16th 2017
Immanent Intuition

Funny erotic watercolors by a female artist who paints specific women from around the world from various activist groups. While their causes are different, they all use nudity as their tool. Art Nadine Faraj

January 13th 2017
People versus nature

This Dutch figurative artist studied philosophy and religious studies before he changed to art school. Now he explores the suffering of man versus nature leading to tensions between reality and hypocrisy. Strong stuff and still affordable: exhibition Nasty Alice Art Jakob de Jonge

January 13th 2017
First (and last) square ring

Another school project: saw till you drop. I’ve added tiny 18K balls and fresh water pearls, but the ring is square which for me just does not work, at all. But the grades were GOOD.

January 6th 2017
First milestone of 2017

One thing leads to the other: I made this 18K present for my oldest friend. Since there were just 2 days left up to her B’day, I used all materials I could find in the studio. A colleague saw it and immediately ordered a pair for herself. A milestone: I’ve sold my first jewel! It took me another 2 days to make the second pair: melt the gold, pull round and square wire, bending tiny gold wheels, drill holes in the tiniest of pearls, the hardest part: solder silver to gold and polish it all. Still so much to learn. Brand Narcis & Goldmund Price € 195.00

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December 22nd 2016
Private wallpaper

A friend asked if I could paint her some wallpaper. I used a black & white photo of a plant in Henri Matisse’s studio for the final painting. The original is small, now she’s gonna have two inkjet prints of 1.75 x 5.00 meter and 1.75 x 4.05 meter facing each other, fun!

December 21st 2016
Thinking of nothing

When I asked my father during his last days what he was thinking about, he replied he was thinking of nothing.

Work in progress…

December 20th 2016
Thinking of my father

During my father’s last days I made this black tube bracelet. After the silver was blackened in Germany, the golden chains were added, which spin around, so the ‘smileys’ can look like unhappy Charlie Brown faces or they give a big smile. That’s life. Each day of my father’s last weeks, he told my mother how beautiful she was. They were still in love. My relationship with him was more complicated, and we did not manage to change that. We celebrated his life with many friends & family, chansons, laughter, and a glass of his favorite wine, Reuilly.

November 11th 2016
“The thing that bleeds through her eyes or wherever she bleeds” – President Trump

One of the things new President The Donald said about Hillary was that she doesn’t have the looks to become POTUS. So: these are the looks of the most powerful person in the world from 2016-2020: square opposed to round, hard against soft, commanding instead of listening, it’ll be a wild ride. Photo Darren Hauck

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