October 27th 2013


Corporate identity for an online trading company, specialised in funds. The six moving letters are linked to six categories of stockmarketfunds (oil, food, technology, etc.). Client Fundix (part of ING Bank) Design with Alex Scholing and Indie

December 29th 2008
TPG Post for charity

It was the first time the Dutch postal company decided to support charity. 10 Cents of each golden stamp were donated to a charity. A substantial amount was raised by selling 288 million(!) stamps. Client TPG Post Theme Being together

December 27th 2008
FKG Architects


Identity for a Dutch architecture agency specialized in social building. Client FKG Architecten aan de Zaan Project Rebranding Strategy Goos Geursen, De Bedrijvigheden Design with Peter van Deursen

November 25th 2008

Campaign for Grolsch beer to attract more students offering cheap cinema tickets at Mondays. Design with Bas van der Paardt and David Snellenberg at FHV/BBDO Client Grolsch Cinema Ad Click here

September 28th 2006


Series of buckets with dairy products, designed as coming straight from the farm. At right Tablecloth illustration, type experiment and clover sketch Client Zuivelhoeve Design with Alex Scholing and Peter van Deursen

September 25th 2006

Identity for the international ‘Economics Network for competition and Regulation’. Because the company was based on an international network, we designed a logo like a MIR space station: connect with this digital network or go whenever you like. Client Jules Theeuwes, UvA Design with Alex Scholing

October 27th 2002


Rebranding of European organic food brand Molenaartje (miller’s ears). We had to fight over showing just one crisp on the pack. The large colored panels stand out in eco-shops Client Natudis Design with Peter van Deursen and Alex Scholing

December 27th 2000

Posters for Snickers at East European countries. Client Mars Design with Bas van der Paardt

December 1st 2000
Ministry of Economic Affairs


Book design and photography for the Dutch government. It’s all about numbers, which we emphasized from huge page numbers up to complex graphs. Client Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications Strategy EgginkvanManen Design with Alex Scholing

September 1st 1998


Series of bookazines from a publisher of newspapers on advertising for jobs. The visual concept for this issue was to show the most special occupation: astronaut! We used the pink to soften this chauvinistic profession. We knew in advance that at the same week the bookazine would be published, a Dutch astronaut would go into orbit. Click here to download photographs from NASA. Client PcM Publishers Copy Mo Design with Alex Scholing

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