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Yes I Did! my first wedding band

A new milestone: my first wedding ring and it felt like an honour since someone will be wearing it for the rest of his life. The burly letters ‘L&P ONE HELLO’ are designed and modified in Illustrator & Rhino 5.5 and 3D-printed for 20 hours in the finest 12 micron solidscape wax. The print was burnt for another 15 hours, then 18k white gold was poured into that mold. An 18k yellow golden ring fits snuggly in the letterring. Two tiny 18k rings were soldered at the ends to make sure they fill up for 100% with many gold peonies. The inside is polished, the outside frosted.

Wish 4 Love

I was invited for a sweet LOVE-party in Amsterdam, so I made this present out of a rhodium-dipped 1st grade silver wishbone and a polished brass heart. For Nienke.

Roll a pearl around your mouth and it slowly reveals the dreams of its oyster

A school project: sawing and soldering of three square-wire same-size rings, drilled at exactly the same spot so to add 4 silver wires. I hand-drilled 1 mm holes in the seed pearls (try that!). After polishing, the silver was rhodium-dipped (like white gold) and the pearls were glued onto 1mm poles.

First (and last) square ring

Another school project: saw till you drop. I’ve added tiny 18K balls and fresh water pearls, but the ring is square which for me just does not work, at all. But the grades were GOOD.

First milestone of 2017

One thing leads to the other: I made this 18K present for my oldest friend. Since there were just 2 days left up to her B’day, I used all materials I could find in the studio. A colleague saw it and immediately ordered a pair for herself. A milestone: I’ve sold my first jewel! It took me another 2 days to make the second pair: melt the gold, pull round and square wire, bending tiny gold wheels, drill holes in the tiniest of pearls, the hardest part: solder silver to gold and polish it all. Still so much to learn. Brand Narcis & Goldmund Price € 195.00

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Sketching in silver


Silver ‘drawing’ made from first grade silver with a black diamond and blue sapphires. The initial drawing was made by sketching in ink without a glimpse at the paper. The sketch in silver is soldered with 15 separate pieces of silver.

Farewell for ever – Igor


For a couple of years I had lovely lobster parties with a small group of friends. One of them was a big, intelligent, funny, adorable guy, who I initially met via Facebook: Igor. Each meal he celebrated with at least two lobsters. Today we have to say farewell. For all members I’ve made one of these; Igor’s signature form the eyes. Farewell dinky boy! Lasercut van Buseck, Diemen

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