Case 02
To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance*

Commissioned 18ct gold broches with a heart-lock. Very romantic moment when he said he will take her broche into his grave. 1.2 mm gold Wire has been soldered at 35+ joints each and the finest sandpaper made this surface. The heart encloses rough diamonds. Material 18ct recycled gold, diamonds

  • Oscar Wilde
Portraits in gold

18ct Puss Luna

Late wedding ring Luna for a client-friend. In the original design the new owner’s husband was 3D-scanned, and placed on top of the cat (all she loves), but this client preferred just a sphinx cocktail ring. The pussy was hand-carved in wax; and because the animal had to be as near as possible  to her own pet, quite some wax models were cut. Luna was silk-polished with chalk. The inside is high gloss and inscribed. Materials 18ct gold, diamonds

End of Summer – K10D 2018

Earrings ‘End of Summer’ Material 18k gold and 38 blue gradient sapphires Price € 1.160 Here (at FB) you can see them move…

Lady Ariel Justice

Bracelet for a girl finishing Law School in America. As a child she was crazy about Disney’s mermaid Ariel. A VSI-diamond makes the belly button. Material 18k recycled gold (from her mom’s necklace), 1st grade oxidized silver, diamond

Age Has Given Me Me

In London a friend organized a fantastic Mad Men party for her 60th birthday. I decided to make her a gold medal. The silhouette was drawn by her husband. Text Age has given me me Materials 18k gold, 1st grade silver, seed pearls







Smizing chain

When I arrived in Miami I was winked by a passport control man. He was very serious but suddenly asked if I’d made this necklace myself. He loved it. It was a black man. That week several black people in Miami told me they loved the portrait. I think it was a little disaster: a very difficult exercise from little pieces of soft pitch and vulnerable glass which I found at the beach of Collioure.

Only God is perfect – Smiley Miet

Just before this piece was finished, I’ve added an asymmetrical golden eyelet in the black chain for an imperfect touch. The big golden loops give the chain 3 different lengths. Materials 14k & 18k gold, 1st grade Blitz silver, black pearls

Made to order


Finishing touch of the signetring I posted June 16th: I’ve added a gold collar and blackened the silver dog. While polishing the very tiny collar, I almost lost my thumb in the machine.


Sun & Silence

In his last days my father mostly smiled. This kind of smile, very peaceful. I decided to make a box of silence from these memories. It took me two months to perfectly shape, solder, carve, polish, lacquer, and gild the little sculpture. Quite some things to keep you busy. I gave my piece of sweet & tears away to one of my dearest friends who said it reflects his face. Material 1st grade silver, 18k gold-plated

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