Case 03

A local friend told me I should make rougher jewellery, here a first try. Earrings Monsters Material silver, baroque pearls, 18k gold, rough diamonds Price €330

Mickey pin 4 H.

Tie pin related to a vintage Mickey Mouse. Materials 1st grade silver, green freshwater pearl

39 Stars in Heaven

She was 13 when she met him, and they were in love for 39 years. He was our neighbor and friend until he passed away. P. asked me to make her a ring using his wedding band. Since her wedding band was far too small, I suggested to use both rings together. First I’ve turned them inside out, it’s the start of a new life. A yellow gold ring in between reflects the daughter, as do 15 bigger diamonds, since she was just 15 at that loathsome moment. Together with another 24 diamonds, the new ring makes a real sky of stars. Materials 14 ct white gold, 18 ct yellow gold, diamonds

Silver graffiti

Silver broche with two sapphires inspired by an American road sign.


Blah-blah-blah 1

From the owner of the famous SPRMRKT store in Ibiza came this Blah blah blah-suggestion, which I turned into this bracelet. Material 13 x 42 mm rhodium-dipped 1st grade silver with a blackened chain & lock with seed pearls (small natural pearls, formed in saltwater oysters)




Yes I Did! my first wedding band

A new milestone: my first wedding ring and it felt like an honour since someone will be wearing it for the rest of his life. The burly letters ‘L&P ONE HELLO’ are designed and modified in Illustrator & Rhino 5.5 and 3D-printed for 20 hours in the finest 12 micron solidscape wax. The print was burnt for another 15 hours, then 18k white gold was poured into that mold. An 18k yellow golden ring fits snuggly in the letterring. Two tiny 18k rings were soldered at the ends to make sure they fill up for 100% with many gold peonies. The inside is polished, the outside frosted.

Look, I’m outspoken – Hillary Clinton

My first ring, made of two flat pieces of silver. Hillary’s quote fitted perfectly and fits me too. Since I had to shape the ring before sawing, it was hard to get the type right. Brussels soil between the letters helped keeping the type sharp during soldering. At the end I’ve blackened the silver inside. Next time I’ll try water cutting and I’ll skip the double layer.



This is my first design at goldsmith school. It’s a talisman and because I’m interested in the design of medical jewelry, I’ve included a little pillbox inside the lucky horseshoe (thinking of my father who always carries nitroglycerine in case he gets a heart attack). A talisman should contain certain magical properties and provide good luck. The clap of thunder, that’s me. The pen is about one of my purposes in life. Hand sawn.

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