Case 03
Only God is perfect – Smiley Miet

Just before this piece was finished, I’ve added an asymmetrical golden eyelet in the black chain for an imperfect touch. The big golden loops give the chain 3 different lengths. Materials 14k & 18k gold, 1st grade Blitz silver, black pearls

Made to order


Trying out eyes for a sweet client’s pendant.




Happy choker Lies

When I make presents for friends I often just grap all materials around me and make something out of it. This time I’d just visited a stone setter who milled the square emeralds inside the pearls.

Stiltedoosje – Box of Silence

In his last days my father mostly smiled. This kind of smile, very peaceful. I decided to make a box of silence from these memories. It took me two months to perfectly shape, solder, carve, polish, lacquer, and gild the little sculpture. Quite some things to keep you busy. I gave my piece of sweet & tears away to one of my dearest friends who said it reflects his face. Material 1st grade silver, 18k gold-plated

Thinking of my father

During my father’s last days I made this black tube bracelet. After the silver was blackened in Germany, the golden chains were added, which spin around, so the ‘smileys’ can look like unhappy Charlie Brown faces or they give a big smile. That’s life. Each day of my father’s last weeks, he told my mother how beautiful she was. They were still in love. My relationship with him was more complicated, and we did not manage to change that. We celebrated his life with many friends & family, chansons, laughter, and a glass of his favorite wine, Reuilly.

Me smiling at you


For my first medaillon I melted some forgotten 14 karat gold earrings (eyes) and used a small left-over piece of gold chain, made a tiny toggle clasp, and got the wee rings soldered (still swiping the sweat of my forehead :)

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