Case 05
Dutch Textile Museum


Logo made with type by A.R.K., placed on a background drawing especially made for the museum by tattoo artist Henk Schiffmacher. Client Textiel Museum Tilburg

folding poster

Poster on the museum’s activities. When folded into 1/12th of the size it fits in every small tourist/hotel box. The 20.000 posters are printed on extra thin paper.


Bi-annual museum mag. The Dutch Textile Museum has a great LAB for designers like Studio Job, Jurgen Bey and Hella Jongerius. They experiment with all machines and via the magazine the museum invites visitors to try some workshops too. Design with Alex Scholing.

Kröller Muller Museum


Exhibition ‘De favorieten van Helene’ (H.’s favorites) about the intriguing history and activities of Hélène Kröller Muller. Thanks to her vision, the museum owns the second largest Van Gogh collection in the world. Scaled sculptures and paintings were integrated in models of her interiors, so to show her personal taste. Photos and texts were party exposed at the museum’s windows. Models Joost van Alfen Exhibition design with Peter van Deursen Catalog with Alex Scholing Curator Piet de Jonge, KMM



Biography of Helene Kröller Muller, art collector, inspiror and initiator of the museum. Design with Alex Scholing


annual reports


For three years we designed the annual reports of this special, partly outdoor museum in The Netherlands. A poster is folded around the cover. The graph is showing art loans worldwide, which is generating an interesting income for the museum. Typography & photography with Alex Scholing

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