Case 06


Ecover Belgium produces cleaning products from plants and mineral ingredients, in a factory where grass grows on the roof for isolation (it was quite cold in winter times) and they have a perpetuum mobile for mixing washing powders. Since the client did not have a big budget and still wanted to reach folks in 20 countries, we suggested to make the packaging more persuasive. The product would sell itself. Their website tells about eco-surfactants and pollution and what they mean to the world. Client Ecover  Design Collaboration with Alex Scholing Strategy Collaboration with Indie



Rebranding of 70 products in 20 countries. We were asked to make the product attractive for the eco-minded and to seduce a new crowd. To show the company’s integrity and concern with the environment, we removed as much ink as possible. The new packaging was attractive enough to leave on the sink, and the transparent bottles drew the attention of people in the supermarkets: they believed it. After the introduction Ecover’s green credentials generated revenues of $93 million (2007) and a pretax profit of $15 million, without spending a lot at all on traditional marketing.


For the American market, Ecover asked us to add photography and three unique selling points to attract ‘dark green’ as well as ‘light green’ consumers. We decided to stick with clear water bubbles so to keep the pack as clean as possible and to use s bright multi-colored background for the USP’s. Photography Collaboration with Alex Scholing



To show that ecological soap is clean, honest and gentle for the skin, we used pictures of shells, children playing with laundry and animals washing themselves (in a pool of mud!). The bright striping was a nice experiment where ink is injected into the top of the bottles. It would deliver all sorts of different striping. We decided to keep the bottles completely transparant, because most commercial brands use color.


We added fluorescent colour coded caps, even though the client begged us for earthly colours. That worked especially well in the ecological stores, where almost every brand seems to use the elements as their source of inspiration.

transparency blends in

The clear bottles work well in all interiors.

for a better world

We worked on this entire project with advertising agency Indie. Creative founders Lode Schaeffer and Erik Wünsch created this award winning low budget campaign for the UK.

Ecover is the official sponsor of the World Wildlife Blue Mile Event that aims to raise vital funds to help protect the world’s marine and freshwater environments.

giving up integrity


In 2011 Ecover asked branding agency Interbrand to help boost global sales. The pack at the right is the result. A pile of shirts, the graphic blue swirl, the green arrow around a blue ball, a washing basket and a pink banner for stopping power are added. The question is whether this new packaging can compete with regular brands like Persil and Ariel. Alef de Jong wrote an article on this subject. I do not know the strategy behind this move; in my opinion the new packaging completely lost its feel of integrity. Redesign (R) Interbrand UK

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