Case 07
Dr Oetker (Hero)


Sketches for a new juice, targeting 35+ women in need of some extra energy. These sketches show the search for the right cap. Client Dr Oetker/Hero Group Research & strategy Flare Innovation Design Collaboration with Tjep


Search for powerful shapes with pears, rockets and American cocktail shakers. Respondents preferred the rocket bottle (middle), but because of technical and time limits we were asked to redesign the bottle that was based on a stalk of bamboo in combination with fruit (left). Design Collaboration with Tjep and Alex Scholing

Final sketch of the rocket bottle, definitely our favorite. It is a great and very recognizable basic shape to apply on jam jars, cans, even cardboard boxes with a square base and a round top.



KrachtFruit (PowerFruit) keeps you sharp and keeps you fitBottle design Collaboration with Agustina Cociffi/Tjep Typography Collaboration with Alex Scholing

Dr Oetker – Hero


With a fantastic team we worked on the repositioning of Dr Oetker’s FMCG Hero. Through idea co-creation with consumers the researchers discovered a shift from convenience to increasingly conscious lifestyles. And people no longer trusted this 100 year old brand. Hero decided to redevelop and rebrand all products at the same time. We created numerous mood boards for consumer tests so to find out what people buy. The product and the packaging had to be: 1 honest 2 clean 3 say what it is 4 eco-conscious heritage. Client Hero Group Brand propositioning Collaboration with Flare Innovation

get functional


Old people, women and children have a hard time unscrewing jam jars. With 3D-printing we experimented until we got a handy lid. 3D-program Rhino Design Tjep



We loved the old type (the ‘r’ is an opened can), and just put the juice in the name, literally.



Many sketches past by for the restyling of the big range of fruit products, from funky jars to explanatory graphs to corporate blue, from color-coded fruit stripes to bold honesty, from personal hand writing to diary style illustrations which focus on the body. Conclusion: add less and honesty appears.

packaging design


The rebranding is all about the Power of Fruit, and about ‘bold honesty’: leave the Photoshopped pieces of fruit with the competition and stay away from artificial additives. The fresh logo conceals heritage, clean fruit icons explain the exact amount that is used per bottle, paper seals are color-coded for instant recognition, and one-color printing and biodegradable plastics are key nowadays. Industrial design Tjep Creative direction & design In collaboration with Alex Scholing

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