Case 07


Corporate brand building. The presidents of two Dutch building corporations aimed for a simple and clear brand identity. Most of the residents have a below average income (under € 32,500). After a year our client picked up on the identity and managed the brand in a great and versatile way. The complicated old websites were transformed into one simple interface. Client Saenwonen & De Woonmij Zaanstad Design Collaboration with Alex Scholing and Peter van Deursen Name Globrands Website


In Dutch we clarify an average household (keeping up with the Jones) as ‘huisje, boompje, beestje’ (meaning small house, little tree, pet). We extended these symbols into a new Parteon language with a partner to square.


Although the client specifically asked for ‘no green’ we decided to present this identity in ‘any color of green’, for Parteon is located in a famous Dutch area, called ‘De Zaan, where traditional wooden houses are painted in all sorts of green (the poisonous green paint preserves the wood against decay). Sometimes printers called in confusion about the colour. We answered: “As long as it isn’t yellow or blue, you are fine.”



The new logo at the right was placed on a grid, which gave any implementor the freedom to use it the way it worked best in any given space. DTP Babette Hilhorst Left logos old style



Corporate language from business card, to flags, to signage. The corporation houses a lot of low income inhabitants. The playful implementation helps to perk up the neighbourhood.

car park

Such a great advertising when the bright green service cars were driving through the area; soon this new brand was known by the locals. Design Collaboration with Peter van Deursen

green green grass of home

Concept for the first annual report: stories told by two people living together in one Parteon house. Also a merge.


Social interaction was a very important issue on Parteons directors’ agendas. Parteons magazine is for residents and employees and covers interviews, tips, new developments and pictures of social events.

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