February 6th 2019
25 Years not-married

Feb18, Hugo and I are together for 25 years :) Thanks to him, I still illustrate: the girl was drawn in Illustrator, the rest in watercolor. Really should illustrate more often… maybe oil-painting on silver?

December 28th 2017
Show me what you see

Philip Sajet asks all of his apprentices to draw the landscape. I watercolored the Roussillon vineyards of Tautavel at the foot of the Pyrenees surrounded by golden autumn trees and added a UFO, for Philip only.



December 28th 2017
Water on walls

December 22nd 2016
Private wallpaper

A friend asked if I could paint her some wallpaper. I used a black & white photo of a plant in Henri Matisse’s studio for the final painting. The original is small, now she’s gonna have two inkjet prints of 1.75 x 5.00 meter and 1.75 x 4.05 meter facing each other, fun!

March 2nd 2016
Watercolor on the wall


Try-out sketches for wallpaper. Wallpaper print Repro (price ± € 200 for 3 x 3,5 m)

March 2nd 2016
Almost spring, Sakura!


For the last couple of weeks I’ve been watercoloring flowers for a large firm in Japan. Sometimes they corrected me. The illustration at the left was no good; the brief became: all flowers same size, five petals only, show the leaves > middle. I understand the balance they were looking for.

January 29th 2016
Figurative fun


A Japanese client needed a bunch of flower illustrations, so for the last couple of weeks I was watercoloring with fresh new colors and the very smooth watercolor paper by Sennelier. Loved it!

September 25th 2015
Teach yourself new things – each day


Some great creative professionals teach their skills in approximately one hour online classes in writing, music, app design, drawing and even business. I did these blind drawings of me and my man with illustrator Ryan Putnam. It’s fun, try one! Online classes Skillshare

July 23rd 2015
Free work – Ink with a kiss of acetone


Not very colorful yet, but with this technique i get some fun surprises like the bi-headed walking man :) Material Aceton, ink, titanium white acrylic

November 2nd 2014


G’MORNING PASTELS Location Beemster, Holland Camera iPhone 4s

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