February 24th 2020
COVID-19 … Monsters

Left is the face of the corona virus, next to light baroque pearl earrings with rough diamonds, gold and silver, named ‘Monsters’. Price € 330

February 24th 2020
Screwball necklace

Huffy Pams Lab

Huffy neck piece, made of a repetition of junk clusters. With Balsa wood and fisherman’s nylon from my local beach. Thanks Beppe Kessler for your support.

February 24th 2020
Time of Seeing

Beppe Kessler Pams Lab

In the 80’s this Dutch artist became famous with jewellery made out of junk like necklaces made from square pieces which were cut out of plastic bags (bought by Rijksmuseum). I prefer this lucite work. Beppe told me she just sandpapered thick plates of perspex to get these magnifying ‘crystals’ (instead of making molds). L: Plenty of Nothing (elm seeds) M: World Traveler (airplanes and vapour trails) R: Glaciers are Not Forever, Monte Rosa Art Beppe Kessler

February 23rd 2020
Liquid Crystal

Liquid Crystal Pams Lab

Extraterrestrial sculptures made from LCD panels. The artist believes you first have to destroy a material to really understand it. She uses the most delicate slim pieces to make these wonders. Material liquid crystal shatters Art Josepha Gasch-Muche

December 19th 2019
Take me to the Moon

Wear the sea near you with this aquamarine. The stone is this tip-over-ring includes an organically cut and a rough side. As a sucker for musical talent competitions, I picked this song with it (starts at 1:13). Material 18ct gold, aquamarine (cut by The Sprong, Soest) Buy

Pams Lab has moved to: Sluistuinen, Helderseweg 85B, 1817 BJ  Alkmaar, Netherlands

October 21st 2019
Wild is the Wind broche

Broche holding some peacock and a rugged rock crystal. Buy

September 21st 2019
Cross-Stitch Kisses

One in a series of about 30 brooches I did in collaboration with Dutch artist Petra Talsma for the exhibition Kunst10Daagse in Bergen. Material textile, epoxy, silver Date October 19-28, 2019 Price € 15 – 239

September 18th 2019
Dark Tour of the Universe

Wonderful 3D printed images of the universe, especially made for visually impaired and blind people. Download Tactile Universe


September 16th 2019
Russian Schmuck

Not overwhelmed by the perverse extravagant Schmuck of the Russian court and high society from 1730-1930. Around 1900 a single high-quality natural pearl fetched as much as a canvas by Rembrandt! Still there were some nice ideas, like the word ‘AMOR’, formed of an Amethyst, Malachite, Opal and Ruby. All is rather old-fashioned exposed, and no relation is shown with Russian life outside of the courts. The expo was packed with grey nomads photographing every item, some of them sitting on their rollator. Exhibition Juwelen! Hermitage, until March 15, 2020

September 16th 2019
Roses from My Garden – Nick Knight

Roses from his garden, pictured for years over years showing the gardener’s mood, age, experience. The roses are photographed in natural daylight using an iPhone! Photography Nick Knight Exhibition Albion Barn, Oxfordhire (by appointment only), June 24 – November 9, 2019.

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