September 13th 2019
Space Jewellery

Anatomical test model of in-ear-rings, inspired by Carrie Fisher in Star Wars. It’s kind of hard to find the perfect fit, but when they do fit, you don’t feel them. Now it’s time for the second stage: to own them, still pending… Material brass (thank you, Jessie) My space jewel faves Pinterest

September 13th 2019
You’re Mines

Celebrating an explosive relationship can be fun! These ‘You’re Mines’ earrings were especially made for a groom who wanted to surprise his wife for their 25th wedding anniversary. Jonathan Livingston Seagull is symbolizing her love for traveling. Material 18ct gold, pearls Price on request

July 5th 2019
Materializing rubber

As a former petrolhead i quite liked this exit exam work at the (furthermore disappointing) graduation show at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy. The artist: “In ‘Materialisation’ I am making visible the transformation of rubber from the rubber tree (hevea) seed to the tyre. Each piece has an educative power and is a statement on the rubber industry. Wearability helps to bring the body closer to what might otherwise seem like cold information and criticality.” Jewellery Caroline Bach 

June 28th 2019
Sink or Swim

Casanova:“I put the shell to her [Emilia’s] mouth, I told her to suck in the liquid and keep the oyster between her lips. She performed the feat to the letter after laughing heartily, and I took the oyster by pressing my lips to hers with the greatest decency. She was delighted by the delicacy with which I took the oyster from her lips… Earrings with hand-cut oyster shell. Material 18ct gold, silver, oysters hell Price €190

June 27th 2019

Suggestive painting by the fairly unknown Artist Susan de Boer Size 120/100 cm Material Oil paint Gallery Nasty Alice Price € 2850

June 24th 2019
Big Mamas

Dutch women, even the upper class, do hardly wear any jewellery. And if they do they often buy the cheaper brass and silver stuff. I design and make complex pieces of jewellery, mostly made of 18ct gold. Now I’m on a quest for cheaper jewellery (€100 – €200) – especially for the new collection I was asked to create for a museum shop. I’ve used recycled 14ct gold with huge baroque pearls for these ‘Big Mamas’. Price € 190 _ SOLD

June 24th 2019
Light of Colour – Edgar Fernhout

Worth visiting…serene expo with abstract impressions of nature, painted by the son of the famous Charley Toorop who was fascinated by the colour of Dutch light at his hometown Bergen. After he made the jump from figurative to abstract art, he finally knew how to really become the sea, or springtime, which – according to the artist – paints itself. Art Edgar Fernhout Exhibition ‘Light of Colour’, Kranenburgh Museum, Bergen

June 13th 2019
My Family

Some people believe carnelians invoke laughter & warmth, they’ll open the heart to abundant joy, which is what really makes one happy (instead of success). Joy = family & friends & sunshine. Necklace ‘My family’ Material oystershell, silver, carnelians

‘Why then the world’s mine oyster Which I with sword will open’ – William Shakespeare.

June 7th 2019
Goodbye my love – Cyn

One of my best friends just passed away. We met at 12. Always laughed our hearts out, even the last time we met, when I did not know it was. She LOVED Dr. Buzzard’s Original Savannah Band and when I heart Cherchez La Femme at her funeral I saw her dancing the night away at our fave disco ‘Cas‘. I’ll always love U , Cynthia Schulz.

May 10th 2019
Suftal Fidda – Maja Houtman

Made up of hundreds of pieces of the fine silver chain and just nominated for the Saul Bell Award. Love it! Jewellery Maja Houtman

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